About Us

Amber Hue Candles

How we started

Amber Hue Candles was not our first small business but it grew from a need we discovered while doing other product ideas from our first business.

As a mother and daughter duo we have always been creative and wanted to use our skills and turn it into a career. So our first small business Krafty Hands Designs was born, I wanted to create a gift box but could not find a candle that fit the look and at a reasonable price. Through a long time of researching and testing I created our first range of candles and it was then that Amber Hue Candles was born and has continued to grow with the help of our amazing customers.

And today we still run both businesses, working hard to continually provide products you will love just as much as us.

Our Products

We have worked hard to make sure our products and materials are eco-friendly as well as vegan, so everyone can feel included when using our products.

We try to make sure we have a low impact on our environment and this is done through our making process down to the packaging. We are currently around 95% recyclable with our products and packaging, some packing material is already made from recycled materials and can be repurposed or recycled again. We have done this to make sure its easy for you to recycle our products on your end as we care about the life cycle of the products we put into the world.

As we are a small business most of the products are made in house and even down to the labelling. It is very important for us that we ensure provide quality items as it is our aim to make our customers happy and enjoy our products.

We class ourselves as a Luxury Brand because of the high standards we produce and we actually put the work in to ensure this. We care about the small details that make a product great and beyond just covering the basics. We want to give you the high end look while being affordable, as we believe everyone deserves to have a luxury candle in their home.

Our Focus

We have a range of home fragrances which come in a form of wax melts, candles and diffusers. We want to bring you a range of product that will suit your home and can be used for different occasions such as weddings and bridesmaid gift boxes.

So thank you for coming along on this journey with us as we continue to grow.


Leoni & Diane x