Blue Spruce & Mistletoe - Christmas Candle

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Christmas scent like no other, stand out from the crowd with this beautiful and rich scent giving the mood of holiday and relaxed.

Top Note: Pine + Spearmint
Mid Note: Blackcurrant + Cedar
Base Note: Balsam + Fir

A fresh breath of winter forest & blue spruce and impression of wandering through a snow filled woodland.

This is great as a Christmas present or even a stocking filler, make Christmas come to life with this scent, burn it through the month of December to set the mood of excitement in the air.

Our candles are handmade in Essex, England. This candle has a wood wick which lightly crackles, it brings a sense of warmth and comfort to any home.



Small Candle:

Top width 7cm
Bottom Width 6.7cm
Height 8.35cm
External Matt Black Glass
Size: 20cl

Burn Time: 35hrs

Large Candle:

Top width 8.1cm
Bottom Width 7.6cm
Height 9.3cm
External Matt Black Glass
Size: 30cl

Burn Time: 45hrs


Soy Blend
WICK: double wood wick with light crackling sounds

External packaging

Matt Black box with black liner for extra padding and a textured feel to give a more luxurious look.

Small Candle Box:

Height: 8.9cm
Width: 7.5cm
Depth: 7.5cm

Large Candle Box:

Height: 10cm
Width: 8.5cm
Depth: 8.5cm



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