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Our candles are handcrafted in Essex, England, and have the sophisticated double wood wick which gives a light crackle sound when lit. It really brings a sense of warmth and comfort to your home.

Try our candle refill option, it is a great way to reuse our candle jars and reduce waste, while continuing your candle experience.

We hand-pour our candles in small batches to ensure high quality and attention to detail. These vegan, cruelty-free candles have been designed to ensure a healthier and longer-burning product along with non-overpowering fragrances. We use a premium soy wax blend – that ensures a consistent burn each time.

How it Works

  • Clean out any old candle residue from your candle jar, you can do this by pouring 2 inches of boiling water in it and let it sit until all the wax has melted.
  • Once it has melted and raised to the top of the water let it solidify again.
  • Now just place light pressure on one side of the wax so it tilts for you to remove it.
  • Dry the remaining water with kitchen roll and dispose of this.
  • Remove the metal clip and it's sticky tab and discard them.
  • Wipe the inside of the candle jar clean and make sure you don't use any abrasive material or chemicals on the jar as this will damage it.
  • Now your jar is ready for your new candle, take it out of the box and remove the packaging.
  • Place the new CLP label the jar.
  • Put your new candle in the jar, place it in a safe and level area, light your candle and enjoy.

This only works with our jars and it can not be used with anyone else's. When purchasing a refill make sure that you order the right size for your jar.

An easy way to remember this is to check if you have a straight wood wick then you had our mini Deluxe Candle (20cl).

If you had an s-shaped wood wick then you have our large Deluxe candle (30cl).

If you have any questions please contact me here:


Container info for 20cl Refill:
Width: 7 cm
Height: 8.4 cm

Container info for 30cl Refill:
Width: 8.5 cm
Height: 9 cm

Shipping & Policies

The current dispatch time is 3-5 working days. Items are posted via 2nd class (3-5 days).

Please read our policies before purchasing.

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CLP & Product Care

Please refer to the CLP page 

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I include detailed information in your care card with your order, please retain this and refer to it with each use to ensure the candle is used in a safe manner each time.


Only the candle is for sale and the accessory listed in the options, anything else pictured with it is for display purposes only.

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