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Give the perfect gift this Christmas with our large candle and flower reed diffuser set, which is beautifully presented in our signature black wooden box with a sliding lid and black handle.

With this set you have your favourite scents filling two rooms at the same time.


Our 30cl candle is lovingly handcrafted in Essex, England. This is part of our Deluxe Signature range.

All of our 30cl candles have the sophisticated s-shaped wood wick which gives a light crackle sound when lit. It really brings a sense of warmth and comfort to your home.

We hand-pour our candles in small batches to ensure high quality and attention to detail. These vegan, cruelty-free candles have been designed to ensure a healthier and longer-burning product along with non-overpowering fragrances. We use a premium soy wax blend – that ensures a consistent burn each time.

Reed Diffuser

Our elegantly styled flower reed diffuser is a perfect luxury addition to your home.

The flower reed diffuser is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted diffuser that is perfect for your space. It brings the scent of your favourite scents into any room and unifies the space with its elegance and simplicity.

It's a beautiful, natural way to fragrance your home. The diffuser consists of a handcrafted glass vase with a black fibre reed and a handmade flower made from sola wood that is soaked in your favourite room-filling scent.

Our reed diffuser comes in a 100ml glass bottle with one black reed and one flower reed.

With this gift set, you get 1 x 30cl candle and 1 x 100ml diffuser with 1 black reed and flower reed, in a black wooden gift box with a slide-out lid and rope handle.



Sandalwood Vanilla

Rhubarb & Rose

Fresh Mint & Rhubarb

Salted Grapefruit

Winter Honeysuckle & Elderflower

Wild Fig & Cassis

Lime Basil & Mandarin

Coconut & Waterfall Blooms

Cedarwood & Jasmine

Peony Blush

Lavender & Chamomile

Rosey Woodlands

Soft Laundry Love


Rosey Woodlands

Soft Laundry Love

Watermelon Slice & Kiwi

Awakening Sun

Peony Blush

Size & Burn Times

1 x 300g candle that gives you a 35hr burn time & 100ml Diffuser

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As an eco-friendly business, we endeavour to use as much recycled material as we can and are always finding new ways to improve this aspect of our business. We believe in doing everything we can to help sustain our planet and as a small business, we are doing everything we can to help.

You can help us by recycling as much of the packaging you receive as possible or reuse where possible.

Our wooden gift box is made from ethically sourced wood and you can reuse it by storing your wax melts or other items in it.

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