Wax Melts

Indulge in a range of our beautiful room-filling scents, our wax melts are infused with rich luxurious fragrance oil. They are perfect treat for yourself or a gift to someone special. Our range of collections means you can find the right scent for your mood, with it ranging from Relaxing Spa style scents to Indulgent, Fun and Summer scents that are up-lifting.

Our clamshells allow you to store your scents and make them easy to remove when you want to use them. the packaging is made from recycled material and when your finished you can easily recycle the packaging again.

We hand-pour our wax melts in the UK in small batches to ensure high quality and attention to detail. These vegan, cruelty-free wax melts have been designed to ensure a healthier and longer-burning product along with non-overpowering fragrances. We use a premium soy wax blend – that ensures a consistent burn each time.