Twin Deluxe Candle Gift Set

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Twin Deluxe Candle Gift Set

A perfect way to get started with our candles with 2 of our deluxe range candles.

Deluxe Candle

This beautiful fresh scent candle is lovingly handcrafted in Essex, England. This is part of our Deluxe Signature scents available all year round.

All of our candles have the sophisticated s-shaped wood wick which gives a light crackle sound when lit. It really brings a sense of warmth and comfort to your home.

This candle comes with an engraved wooden lid and presented in a round cardboard black tube with hand-applied branding labels.

Add on extra

Candle Care Kit

The candle care kit comes in a 100% cotton bag for storage.

Wick Trimmer

Designed to maximise our candle's performance, by guiding you to trim the wick at the correct length before every burn. Trimming the wick encourages an even and clean burn and helps eliminate soot and black smoke caused by untrimmed wicks.

Candle Snuffer

To safely extinguish your candle, simply hover the candle snuffer over the flame as close to the melted wax pool as possible. This eliminates the release of smoke into the air.

This gift set includes: 2 x 30cl candle, 1 x matchstick glass jar, 1 x candle care kit (optional)

Upgrade to our white gift box with a magnetic closing lid and white ribbon bow to secure it. Click Here to add it to your order.

If not selected then your gift set will come in a nicely presented brown packaging box and still presented to a high standard.

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